Sunday, May 15, 2005


Hi. I'm Phantom the Poodle. I was acquired by Shirley, who is my owner and groomer. She is planning to use me as her project in grooming shows. Here is a picture of me right after she got me home. You can call this the "before" picture. (click on the images for a larger view)

Here's another one.

Check back often to see new shots. Feel free to leave comments!


At 21/3/06 22:33, Anonymous Talyta Alencar said...

hi Phantom and friends, i see your love blog, sucess. kisses more, of Talyta your new friend from Brasil

At 21/3/06 22:34, Anonymous talyta alencar said...

my e-mail :

At 18/5/09 14:13, Anonymous Andrea said...

Hi Phantom! I saw your post on Groomer to Groomer... have you thought of doing other non-dog clips for the creative? I'm not sure of the rules for the specific competition you were considering... With such a pretty face you'd easily pull of something ike a lion with a full mane or a draught pony with those full fetlocks and wrapped tail. Most poodles already have the body type for a horse style critter and if you're somewhere hot it takes off a lot of the hair except the "mane".

Best of luck!


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